Girder used in Churches around the country to automate their digital assets

Girder is used around the country in churches and government settings to automate their equipment. Using Girder for them is a great way to get the awesome power Girder gives them yet stay within the budget of a small church! Bill Lyons write about his intentions with Girder 4.

We currently use Girder to control video switchers via RS-232; DVD player, VCR and 2 satellite receivers via IR; we use MIDI sysex files to send commands to Girder from our presentation software, Media Shout (, and I wrote a custom C# application to be a UI which communicates with Girder via COM.

With the "whole house" version and v4.0 upgrade, we plan to use Girder to also control our video projectors, lighting system and Ethernet Power Controllers which control the sequence of power-up and shutdown of the various video cameras, switchers, monitors, recorders, etc.

I wrote a white paper about the first version of this project. You can find the paper here. It is a bit out-of-date, when this new upgrade is complete, I will update it.

Bill Lyons

White Paper on TFH church system.

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